Radíó Efling – Selma & Mummi

14. 12, 2021

Selma Nótt stands outside Imba’s home, where she cleans via the Reykjavík city home care service. She holds a large potted plant, hoping that Imba will take care of it – because she’s leaving the country. Selma grew up in rough conditions in Turkey, and ended up volunteering in Iceland. Since she moved here, she’s faced relentless struggle and hard work to be able to stay and work here. Now, as she finally has an Icelandic citizenship, she’s given up on living here. Mould in the garage, which she rents and where she lives, was the final straw. The mould has affected her health, and that of her parrot, Mummi. The landlord doesn’t respond to complaints, the housing market is as it is and Selma has decided to move abroad to start from scratch in a new country – again.

This episode is in English.

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