Shift work

In shift work you should work at a normal pace and you should receive a shift supplement when work is done outside of daytime working hours. Workers cleaning public institutions have the right to a higher shift supplement during night and weekend shifts, it means 55% supplement instead of 45%.

If you are employed as a shift worker, it must be stated in your employment contract.

Lunch and coffee breaks

Workers in shift work are entitled to 5 minutes of paid break for each completed hour, which equals 40 minutes a day for full-time work.

Shifts and shift schedule

Shifts may fall on all days of the week – full-time job equals 40 hours a week.

If during a 5-day working week work is always between 5pm and 8am – full-time job equals to 38 hours a week.

Shifts shall not be longer than 12 hours, and shall not be shorter than 3 hours.

Shifts shall always be worked continuously.

Shift schedule shall specify how long your shifts are – for instance when your work starts and finishes.

Shift schedule must be prepared for a 4-week period and shall be announced 1 week before you start working according to it.

You should be notified about any changes to your shift schedule with minimum 1-week notice

Winter holidays – vetrarfrí

Workers in shift work are entitled to 12 additional days of winter holidays in exchange for working during major holidays and other days off. Winter holidays should be used between 1 October – 1 May. It is allowed to agree payment instead of holidays – 8 hours for each worked major holiday or other day off, assuming full-time employment.