Efling union representatives courses

Union representative training

Courses for the union representatives of Efling in the public and private sectors are taught in four parts. Breakfast and lunch is included and on the last day there will be a graduation celebration with refreshments where students receive a gift and a group photo is taken.

To register for a course, union representatives must send an email to efling@efling.is or call 510 7500.

The course is free of charge for the union representatives of Efling.

The courses are in Icelandic with English translation.

Union representative course – part 1
Union representatives learn about the operations of the union, especially regarding wage claims, workplace visits, the organization of the union and its staff. The interpretation of collective agreements, the rights to payments from the funds of Efling, basic conversation skills, how to read payslips and wage calculations are all covered in depth.

Dates: October 18th to 20th 2022 / May 9th to 11 2023

Union representative course – part 2
Discussions on how to mobilize colleagues and increase the collective power of employees in the workplace are covere in this course. The course focuses on the roles of Efling and ASÍ, as well as communication in the workplace and employment law. Laws on maternity leave and parental leave, unemployment benefits, group layoffs, and the effects of bankruptcies are covered.

Dates: September 20th to 22nd 2022

Union representative course – part 3
Students learn the basic role of the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health, its work, laws and regulations on worker safety, as well as collective agreement stipulations. Students are taught what constitutes sexual harassment and how to deal with such violations in the workplace. The effect of self-confidence in communication is covered and the focus is set on teaching union representatives to set boundaries. By the end of this course, the main concepts of economics – purchasing power, index, inflation and expansion of the economy are explained in plain terms.

Dates: February 14th to 16th 2023

Union representative course – part 4
The basics of negotiations are covered, how they are used to resolve matters that union representatives often deal with. Students learn to present their case and participate in discussions during workplace meetings, points of order and the recording of minutes. The operations of the pension system are covered, which will prove useful for those union representatives who wish to take part in running pension funds.

Dates: November 15th to 17th 2022

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