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Union representative training

In the fall 2022 exciting changes will be made to the organization of the Efling union representative training. The main changes are that the training will become continuing education which union reps attend throughout their nomination period, and that courses will be taught monthly, a day at a time.

The representative training will be done during office hours one day each month in the fall and spring, or nine months in total (September-May). It is insisted that all representatives attend these monthly one-day courses during the entirety of their term as representatives. This new arrangement will attend equally to the educational needs of newly appointed representatives and to the continuing education of more experienced representatives.

The dates of the union representative training courses during the fall 2022 are the following:

A large part of the course material consists of labour rights. Due to the upcoming collective bargaining a special emphasis will be put on labour struggle, its history, and methods.

We reiterate that the salary of representatives is not to be reduced due to the attendance of union representatives courses and it is the right off all representatives of Efling to attend union representative training during working hours. Union representatives also do not have to work evening shifts on the day that they attend a course. The staff of Efling are willing to assist in the communication with employers if it is necessary to remind them of these rights. 

The courses take place in the community hall of Efling on the 4th floor in Guðrúnartún 1. During each course snacks and lunch will be included.

The courses are free of charge for the union representatives of Efling.

The courses are in Icelandic with English translation.

Further information on the schedule of the courses can be obtained by sending questions to the email address felagsmal@efling.is or by calling 510 7500.

Registration form for Union Rep Courses in 2022-2023

All union representatives are automatically registered for the courses. We ask that they confirm that they will be attending by filling out a form on the webpage of each course (see links to the dates of the courses).

Námskeið á dagskrá

Union Representative Course

— Efling, Guðrúnartúni 1

14.12.2022, 8:30-16:00

14. Dec arrow_forward

Union Representative Course

— Atburður liðinn

16.11.2022, 08:30-16:00 Union rep course Nov 16 2022: confirmation of participation

16. Nov arrow_forward

Union Representative Course

— Atburður liðinn

19.10.2022, 08:30-16:00 Confirmation of participation All union reps are automatically registered to the course but please …

19. Oct arrow_forward

Union Representative Course

— Atburður liðinn

21.09.2022, 08:30-16:00

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