Preschool assistant bridge program

Vocational training

The preschool assistants’ bridge is intended for those who work in preschools, raising and caring for children. One receives credits for the courses and they are conducted in accordance with the main curriculum of secondary schools. In the end, students graduate as preschool assistants.

The course provides one with the knowledge and skills to work with children as they study and play. The focus is on pedagogy, physchology, artistic expression and the use of games. Preschool assistants work alongside other professionals in preschools.

The bridge course is for people with three years of work experience and approximately 140-170 hours of work related courses. Also, course credits from secondary schools are evaluated if the courses are the same or comparable to those who are taught on the bridge course.

The course is intended for Efling members who work in preschools and is free of charge for them.

The courses are conducted in Icelandic.

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Preschool assistant bridge program

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Period: February 4th – June 3rd 2023Classes: Mostly remote learning The preschool assistants’ bridge is intended for …

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