Travel accommodation discounts in Iceland

By offering discounts of travel accommodation in Iceland, the Union wants to meet the wishes of those who do not use the Union holiday houses but who pay for accommodation when travelling domestically.

You must present an official invoice with your name and social security number (kennitala), from an acknowledged service provider. Then, the Union will refund up to half of the invoice amount, but a maximum of ISK 10,000.

An official invoice means that it must be issued by a certified accommodation provider and must include all the necessary information.

This applies to all accommodation in Iceland as well as package trips that include accommodation.

The same terms apply when renting campers or motorhomes.

Note that the discount cannot be used when renting holiday houses from Efling or from other unions.

Each member can only use the discount once every 12 months. 

The right to grants/refunds from the Recreational Fund is based on the following:
• Contributions must have been paid to the fund for the previous six consecutive months and members must have enough points.
• Members who receive pension or disability pension can purchase vouchers for two years after retirement (as with rights to other funds) if they have enough points.