Terms and means of allocation


The holiday houses are collectively owned by all members of Efling.

Rules and responsibilities:

  • The renter is responsible for the holiday house/apartment and keys will be delivered to her/him only. Rights can NOT be transferred to others.
  • It is prohibited to use the holiday houses for quarantine.
  • The renter is fully responsible for any damage caused by the renter or her/his guests.
  • The renter must notify the supervisor immediately if anything in the house is wanting or if any damage occurs during the stay.
  • Pets are NOT allowed.
  • Rules on how many people can stay overnight in a house must be respected.
  • The renter is responsible for cleaning and preserving the house’s condition and must familiarize themselves with the house rules. Houses must always be cleaned at the end of a stay.
  • The renter must respect the privacy of other dwellers in the surrounding area.
  • The renter must familiarize themselves with the information in the rental agreement.
  • During winter, the renter must check road conditions before heading out, since snow clearing on roads cannot be ensured every day.

Points system and allotments

Efling’s computer system for holiday houses manages all allotments and members earn rights in the form of points. In some cases, members’ age can also have an impact. A member’s points status is determined by contributions paid to the Union, but the system is designed to maintain equality and those on low wages also have a chance to be allotted holiday houses and apartments.

The system arranges all applications by points, so that those applicants with the most points are at the top of the line, and so on.
If two applicants have the same number of points, the applicants’ age determines who gets an allotment first. The system then reviews all the applications and looks at every allotment individually.

There is only one round of allotments for summer and another one for Easter, and they are for members with 200 points or more in the system.
After the Easter allotment has taken place, the booking site is opened to all members with rights. In case of the summer allotment, the booking site is opened in steps for other members, who can then book the available houses at each time.
First, for 3 days for those with 100 points or more in the system.
Then, for 3 days for those with 1 point or more. Finally, it is opened to all members with rights.

First Come, First Served

After an allotment has taken place, the booking site is opened and available houses can be booked, depending on members’ points status. For further information, see the Recreational Fund’s main website.

Collecting points

Until recently, 1 point was collected per month for approximately ¼ employment, and 2 points for anything above that. After a recent change in the rules, points are now calculated from the minimum wage insurance. 1 point is collected for anything under ¼ of the minimum wage insurance, 2 points for anything between ¼ and a full minimum wage insurance, and 3 points for anything above that.
Also, after the recent change in the rules, points will not expire after 12 years and will not cap at 288 points. Instead, members can collect points for as long as they pay contributions to the Union.

Members who are job seekers and pay Union contributions off the unemployment benefits also have a right to rent holiday houses.


The winter rental period lasts from the end of August to the end of May, with direct bookings and no applications (except during Easter). The winter rental period is begun in two stages: In the middle of August, one can book all the way to Christmas and on the first weekday of November, one can book during the new year and up until the beginning of the summer period. One can book at My pages at 8.15am. Union members can contact the office via the telephone number 510-7500 or book at My pages.

Union members must have been members for at least 24 consecutive months after the age of majority (18 years) and must have earned at least 48 points. This stipulation applies to applicants in general. Any registered union member can make one booking in advance before the end of the year and one after the end of the year. It is also permissible to make a phone-call on short notice to check which days are available, no later than 3 days before departure. One can log into the booking web using one’s electronic ID or use a password. To apply for a password, one must enter one’s ID number and click on “apply for password.”