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Social assistance portal

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Period:January 12th til June 1st 2023
Classes: Blended learning

The social assistants’ portal is meant for care workers, for instance in senior homes, in home services or in home help.

The course provides one with the basic skills necessary to enhance the quality of life of individuals who are in need of special assistance. The area of work of social assistants spans the spectrum of social rehabilitation and activity assistance for those who, by reason of social circumstances, illness, old age, developmental disorders or various kinds of trauma, are in need of special assistance.

Students choose either the aging course or the disability course.

Disability course: FTL2B05 and FTL3A05

Aging course: ÖLD2B05 and ÖLD3B05

Social assistance portal is for people with three years of work experience and approximately 190 hours of work related courses. Also, course credits from secondary schools are evaluated if the courses are the same or comparable to those who are taught on the portal course.

This course is intended for Efling members who are care workers and is free of charge. The course is conducted in Icelandic and takes place at Mímir, Höfðabakki 9.

Registration is online, see the form below. If you need any help with the registration you can contact Efling by phone at 510 7500 or by email to felagsmal@efling.is.

Members of other unions please send an email to mimir@mimir.is.

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